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Businessman turned astronaut says STEM is out of this world

MIDDLESBORO, Ky. — Teens in Middlesboro got an out-of-this world experience on Friday March 24; they interacted with alum, John Shoffner. Shoffner is a retired race car driver and businessman turned astronaut who was raised in Middlesboro. Read Full Article...

Middlesboro News

Open thank you letter from John Shoffner

My dream began with cardboard spaceships and the space race in the 1960s. And so, with my mother’s blessing, this is what set me on my path in pursuit of all things beyond. Read Full Article Here

Men's Health

How a Pilot Stays Mentally Fit in Outer Space

Thirty-nine minutes before being launched into space, all John Shoffner had to do was sit still in his launch seat while millions of pounds of propellant were filled into the rocket. Read Full Article Here
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The Perseid Foundation is dedicated to improving education in underserved schools of Appalachia with programs for student growth and STEAM curriculum development.

Globally, we host programs that connect students to space and promote the “A” in STEAM.