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Perseid Foundation Updates

Hi there,

We’re so glad you’re here! Since launching The Perseid Foundation in July 2023, we’ve laid the foundation for a STEAM-based curriculum at Middlesboro Independent Schools and Bell County Schools in Southeast Kentucky.

Astronaut John Shoffner first discovered his love for space throughout his small-town upbringing – turning cardboard boxes into capsules. His new mission is to promote STEAM education and encourage educators and students to discover their inner voice, so they don’t have to wait a lifetime to fulfill their dreams like he did.

We’re thrilled to share what we’ve been up to.

Southeast Kentucky Educators Attend World Class Conference

Eight educators from Bell County and Middlesboro School Districts in Southeast Kentucky recently traveled to Houston, Texas to attend the Science Exploration Educators Conference (SEEC). SEEC, organized by Space Center Houston, serves as a vital platform for educators spanning kindergarten through 12th grade. Over the course of three intensive days, attendees engaged in immersive experiences, both on-site and virtually. From delving into the forefront of aerospace to networking with industry leaders and accessing state-of-the-art resources, SEEC offered a comprehensive exploration of STEAM.


The Kentucky-based educators were selected by their schools for their unwavering dedication to nurturing the next generation of innovators. They participated in exclusive sessions, networking events and behind-the-scenes tours of nearby NASA. Each wide-eyed educator had their ambitions set on bringing new practices and inspiration back to their classrooms.


“Habitat Space” Educational Web Series Receives 2nd Place at ADDY Awards

Throughout the duration of his mission, John alongside famed NASA astronaut and Ax-2 Commander Peggy Whitson, filmed a series of videos demonstrating life in space! From eating in mircogravity to conducting groundbreaking research, each video provides a fascinating insight into living and working in space.

In February, the American Advertising Awards (ADDYs) recognized Habitat Space for its creative spirit in the excellence of art and advertising. We are humbled and honored to see John’s passion for space and STEAM impacting students around the world.

Videos are free to students and teachers globally! Click the “Habitat Space” tab on our site to learn more

Habitat Space Lesson Plans – Coming Summer 2024!  


Better Together – Meet Our World-Class Partners

Since our launch, The Perseid Foundation has partnered with leading organizations in STEAM education and growth mindset culture – bringing progressive learning to underserved Appalachia and beyond.

Each valued partner provides our students and educators innovative tools for problem solving, fresh perspectives on the world around them, and the confidence to reach for the stars.

MIT Media Lab
International Space Station National Lab
Limitless Space Institute
Axiom Space
Texas Behavioral Science and Policy Institute at The University of Texas at Austin
Crayola Experience
Aurelia Institute

To our partners: Your dedication to improving education is seen and valued. We can’t thank you enough.


Sharing Our Love for Space! Over 20 Classroom and Community Engagements! (In-Person & Virtual)

There is nothing we enjoy more than connecting with students! From in-person experiments and discussions, to virtual events, we find so much joy exciting the next generation of go-getters. 

We’ve had the opportunity to connect with groups across the world; including classrooms and companies in Ireland, Portugal, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Arizona, California, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Florida and more. 

We’d love to get involved with your organization, expand our network, and inspire future change-makers. Visit “Connect” on our site to drop us a note!


The Second Annual International Space Art and Poetry Contest Returns!


Have you ever looked at the stars and wondered, “What would it look like if we lived in space?” For the second year, John invites students and educators from across the world to submit a drawing, painting or written poetry showcasing what it would look like if we lived up there.

Participants from around the globe will have the chance to showcase vivid color and curiosity as they take us on a journey into space as they envision it. 

Eight category representatives will receive special recognition from the International Space Station (ISS) in addition to receiving physical prints of their creation sent down from space. 

Submissions will be scored by a wonderful panel of judges including:

  • NASA Icon and Axiom Space Director of Human Space Flight Dr. Peggy Whitson
  • Executive Director of Limitless Space Institute, Kaci Heins
  • Visual Artist, poet, and published author, Moniqe Lorden

Last year’s contest received more than 930 entries from 26 countries including the U.S., Colombia, Ghana, Ireland, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Germany, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, and more! 

Submissions close on April 5! For more info, visit, or click on the “Space Art Contest” Tab on our website!

We have some big plans in the works – and we hope you join us for the ride!



About Us

We believe the vision a child holds for themself in the formative years of 10-14 is the likely the most accurate in defining the child’s core interests for their lifetime. We support the school’s role in mentoring and further igniting a student’s passion to achieve this vision of themselves.